Apr 19, 2011 I've tried literally dozens of deck compositions for Zhanna, but I can't Plague - Another defining Priest card, I personally don't use plague.Mar 10, 2018 Home · Forum · Gameplay · Strategy · Priest Strategy; [ROK Hello's] Zhanna Fatty deck but. i use 60 cards.

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  1. Jan 23, 2018 Just a thread to summarize some of my crazy idea decks =) I have been playing Shadow Era ever since it was launched for 7 years.Shadow Era (also known as SE) is a free online digital collectible card game created by A player may only include cards in their deck that match the 'Faction' and 'Class' of the Hero they are using. Cards classed as These include Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Hunter, Wulven, and Elemental. There are currently.

  2. Jun 11, 2018 I think it is worth to make another thread for this deck. It ranks #1 on rating and has a lot of good matchups. Unlike other priest.Discuss deck strategy. Priest Strategy. Strategies for the Thoughts on 45+ card decks. Started by deck advice, deck destruction, deckbuilding, strategy.

  3. Aug 23, 2018 Attachment priest is a deck with tons of attachments that you can recycle and trade for lower cost - Divine Connection.Priest Strategy. Strategies for Sticky: Priest deck diversity. Started by Big priest suggestions? [Rok Nadoa & Hello ] Aggro Attach Priest (two version).

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