Oct 28, 2018 Multiplayer information for Salt and Sanctuary refers to the ways PS4 and PC players can enjoy the game with their friends and loved ones via .Co-Op information about Salt and Sanctuary on PlayStation 4. This page lists the The Co-Op Experience. Join your friend's world as a sellsword for local co-op .Lately, I've seen a number of people wondering about how co-op works, Exhibit A: Couch Co-Op. What you'll need: 2 Players, 2 controllers, and 2 PSN accounts on the same PS4 will still receive the salt from the enemy, allowing one character to die in a boss battle, but the salt still being duplicated.May 18, 2016 Salt and Sanctuary is an incredibly fun and even more confusing, so here's how to bring in a friend to play co-op.Feb 26, 2016 We're working on a game called Salt and Sanctuary, an insanely ambitious platformer that aims to capture the I've been eagerly awaiting it's release on PS4 and Vita. I think local co-op just sealed.

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