This guide shows how to get more Master Balls in ORAS beyond the 1 that you are given in the storyline. You can play the lottery every day for a chance to get a Master Ball or even use secret.

Mar 28, 2016 Yes, there are three ways to get Master Balls in ORAS, excluding the one you get during the story. It is possible to get a Master.

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hard but yesIts hard to anser but yeah. First you must have a Pokemon holding the master ball! next save the game right by a PC ok! after.

Best Answer: 1) Trading/transferring over Pokemon that are holding a Master Ball. 2) Winning the Goldenrod Lottery.

  • Another method of getting more Master Balls (or any other item for that matter!) is through the "Cloning glitch" in Pokemon Emerald. You go through a process to clone five Pokemon each time at the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier.

  • This is a simple demonstration of where to get the master ball, and how to clone it to get an unlimited amount in Pokemon Gold. To get the master.

  • You are probably talking about Gen. 1 with the Missingno. glitch. If you want to maake Master Balls or Rare candies, then you need to buy an Action Replay, which is a cheating device.

  • You can get more if you win at the Radio Tower Daily Draw in Goldenrod City. You need to match all 5 numbers. As for which pokemon to use your master ball .

  • For Pokemon HeartGold Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How many Please tell me where and how to get the Masterballs.

Question for Pokemon Heart Gold. how to get more master balls.

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How to Get Unlimited Master Balls in Pokémon Gold/Silver. Here's how to get unlimited Master Balls in Pokémon Gold/Silver. Note that this may not work in Pokémon Crystal. Obtain the Master Ball from Professor Elm in New Bark Town after.

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