3DMark est un des logiciels les plus connus dans le monde du benchmark. Il est reconnu pour la démonstration technique qu'il offre à chaque sortie.Mar 14, 2010 THIS IS ONLY TESTED ON NO$GBA 2.6a I have only passed the second gym, only 1. Used to Unpack the Heart Gold Rom Pokemon HeartGold (U)fix code: 020DD9E4 E1A00000 020D3820 E1A00000 Pokemon Soul .[Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver] Emulation Help Thread ROM Hacking Discussion. When I try to play HeartGold on NO$GBA when the game starts it I've had the rom image crash error before, but it was because.2100h - INIDISP - Display Control 1 8xh 2101h - OBSEL - Object Size and Object Base (?) 2102h - OAMADDL.Okay, so I'm currently playing pokemon heart gold on the no$gba (latest since it always crashes a few seconds after you save and you gotta .Mar 10, 2008 Also, one emulator didn't make an error at that certain spot in the game, but the game I'm using No$GBA 2.3 to play Pokemon Heart.Feb 22, 2011 It's been a while since I last tried playing the game using no$gba + no$zoomer. across a 30-odd-page-long thread called "Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold After saving just reload ROM, and it won't freeze, till the next time .How To Fix Pokemon Heart Gold Freeze with NO$GBA/NO$ZOOMER.

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