GTA IV is not recognizing i have enough video memory, can't change graphic settings. I have tried adding the various commands in the the .GTA IV was released in late 2008. I received mine on January 2009. It was designed for the xbox 360 and the pc version was just a supplimentary for pc gamers.Since GTA IV was made a while ago, it gets confused when it has more -norestrictions in order to be able to change the graphics settings.Apr 7, 2013 GTA 4 WONT LET ME CHANGE MY GRAPHIC SETTINGS!!! GTA IV Plus LCPDFR an add mods with my PC Specs which is AMD Sempron .

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Jan 7, 2019 Grand Theft Auto IV guide at StrategyWiki Extract buttons_360.wtd and frontend_360.wtd to \PC\textures\ video cards the game will run but won't let you change the graphics settings to anything better.More about unable change gta graphics settings Try this: right click on GTA4, select properties, then select launch options If you have another version, like the Complete Edition on PC/DVD, the information below may .Jan 1, 2018 What do the graphics settings in GTA IV change, and how do they impact.In GTA 4 If Your Graphic Memory or Your Integrated Graphics Are Low According To Its Specifications Then GTA 4 Stopped You To Do Any Change in Graphics Settings.This Video Shows You How To Change.

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Grand Theft Auto V PC-Exclusive Graphics Enhancements Like every multi-platform game, Grand Theft Auto V looks and runs best on PC. Texture quality, view distance and all the usual suspects are improved, and a few extra options are included to push high-end systems to the brink.gta 4 wont let me change my graphic settings!!! my graphics are stuck on the lowest possible level because it says i have reached, or exeeded the limit of something. I have a windows 8 laptop.Can't change GTA V graphic settings solved I can't change GTA IV's graphics solved can't find setting to change the integrated graphics card dedicated memory.It seems that Grand Theft Auto 4 has a bug in it when you attempt to play it on computers with video cards with more than 2GB RAM on board. GTA 4 ends up thinking that the computer has insufficient resources to play the game on anything other than the absolute lowest settings.

When I bought GTA IV from steam, the graphics were automaticly on the lowest. I of course, wanted to turn them up. It wouldn't work. It just said; "Your graphics settings are near, or exceeded the I of course, wanted.GTA IV is not recognizing i have enough video memory, can't change graphic settings. I have tried adding the various commands in the the target within the shortcut, and adding those lines in on commandline.txt.For Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "GTAIV won't let me change my graphics options".GTA V just doesn't want to run well, or let me change its graphical settings, no matter what I do. I'll keep trying, but seriously: I don't think there's any way to fix this I'll keep trying, but seriously: I don't think there's.

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