Nov 15, 2016 Play the only official Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (TCGO). and 67% of the Mystery Boxes I've opened so far have been tokens.Log in each day. Play one game a day (the first gives more Tokens), making sure it lasts long enough to get Tokens. Look for minigames on

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In website, users have a 15 Trainer Token weekly limit.Earn Free Cards. The simplest way to score free cards is to log into TCG Online each day. The game will eventually award you a login bonus in the form of a Basic Orange deck and three booster packs. You’ll get an entire deck for finishing the Trainer Challenge after you beat 10 other trainers.

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This guide will show you all the ways to earn rewards (Trainer tokens, Tournament Tickets, and Booster Packs) from the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) .How to Earn Easy Tokens in Pokemon TCG Online. For example, you get some Tokens when you complete a PvP game that lasts more than 5 minutes, but also when you play against expert players and so on. The rewards are not huge in this case, but you’re not in a hurry and little by little you will amass a nice sum of tokens.

Tokens in Pokemon TCG Online are a special currency that you can use in Pokemon TCG Online on the desktop and the special app. They're quite valuable, you see, so if you have some on-hand you might want to keep them around.Jan Then against other trainers online in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

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I know that I can get codes from buying packs and theme decks, but again I You are allowed to buy the pack codes from people online; just make sure it's the actual recommend /r/pkmntcgtrades for buying packs/pack codes for cheap. I rmb we can get coins by playing mini games in games or whatever and you can find what each game requires to earn tokens.

Pokémon TCG Online (PTCGO) is the digital version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Winning earns tokens or tournament entry tickets, as well as Versus Points that contribute to earning prizes After April 6, 2011, players could buy cards from the Black and White series, which have a code to be digitally represented.Earn Sign In to Your Pokémon Trainer Club Account Daily! Watch Pokémon TV Episodes! The more you watch Pokémon TV, the more Trainer Tokens you'll earn! Play Pokémon Minigames! Earn Trainer Tokens for each game you try,. Customize Your Pokémon Trainer.