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Rasse ist die Bezeichnung für die Vertreter der einzelnen Völker, die ihr in Perfect World International spielen könnt. Insgesamt gibt es in Perfect World fünf spielbare Rassen.Header-international.png. In the beginning of time, the first God of the universe, Pan Gu, lived an immortal life. But with no subjects .

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Perfect World International, the visually stunning free-to-play online game with unparalleled character customization and amazing gameplay.Jan 24, 2015 The stats you get at a particular meridian is equal to the "% Max Stats" in the table below times the maximum value of that stat in the table above .

Hello! The Perfect World International Wiki is now under new management as PWI Wikia. We are striving to be the best one-stop veritable encyclopedia of all Perfect World International information. You will notice that we are not very big at the moment; you can help! See the Community Portal for where to begin helping us improve.Codes give away free gear and items through the Arc Browser "Redeem Code" button, which also leads to a list of already received code packages. Codes are sometimes linked to Events The codes below have been written out in upper case, but will as of 25th April 2017 be written as provided.

Perfect World is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. Perfect World International offers pre-charged cards that can be bought from 7-Eleven, Target, and GameStop locations. The Malaysian version allows .Perfect World (chinesisch 完美世界 wanmei shijie "Perfekte Welt") ist ein chinesisches 3D-Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel (MMORPG) vom gleichnamigen Entwickler Perfect World. In Europa ist es vorrangig unter dem Namen Perfect World International bekannt.

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Nov 22, 2015 Archer · Blademaster · Barbarian · Assassin · Mystic · Cleric, Wizard, Venomancer, Psychic, Seeker. Cleric · Wizard · Venomancer · Psychic .Perfect World International, often shortened to PWI, is the North American version of the Chinese game named Perfect World 2. It was first released as an Open Beta on September 2nd, 2008. As the game was not reset once the Open Beta ended, this is considered the official release date of the game. Since then there have been several major expansions to the game. In 2011 two European servers were added, but were later merged.

Some people have no idea of how to make a good cleric, so this guide will help you do that. One common mistake is that people put Dexterity in their cleric, that is a big mistake, also too much Strength, since these can reduce your damage to monsters or to people (If you're on a PVP server).Sep 19, 2018 Perfect World International, often shortened to PWI, is the North American version of the Chinese game named Perfect World 2. It was first .