Puzzle #1 - Kabuto. Kabuto is the actually the first puzzle that you will encounter in the Ruins of Alph, actually each of the four puzzles can be the first puzzle that you can solve.When you go to the Ruins of Alph. The first entrance is just behind the blue roofed building. This is the only entrance you can get to in the beginning. (1) In this room is a lady you can talk to if you want.(A) you have the first Pokemon carving to solve, which is a picture of Kabuto. (B) the Unown-letter puzzle says "Escape".The Ruins of Alph. The Ruins of Alph make a return in HeartGold SoulSilver, however they feature a variety of changes which were included in Pokémon Crystal but not within Pokémon Gold Silver. There are four chambers found within the Ruins of Alph each with a seperate puzzle to open access to the actual ruins. The Ruins.POKEMON HEARTGOLD AND SOULSILVER RUINS OF ALPH GUIDE There are four puzzle rooms in the area; solving each one will different sets of Unown .

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The Third leads to the undiscovered Ruins. Bring a pokemon that knows Rock Smash. At the north end of the Ruins you'll find some smash-able rocks.POKEMON HEARTGOLD AND SOULSILVER RUINS OF ALPH GUIDE. The Ruins of Alph are located just southwest of Violet City. As in Gold, Silver and Crystal, they are the home to the Unown, a species of Pokemon that have 28 forms resembling alphabet characters, as well as the exclamation mark and question.Puzzles. In the Ruins of Alph, there are four puzzles that are considered to be the Version and Pokémon Silver Version; Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.The Ruins of Alph. Solving the Puzzle Now that we have returned to our hometown and had a chat with Professor Elm, we should drop in to say hello to Mom and thank her for that nice package.

Four small chambers in the ruins hold slide puzzles that, when In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the first completed .For Pokemon HeartGold Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How do I rotate the titles in the Ruins of Alph puzzles?".Apr 29, 2012 Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Wiki Guide. Table of Contents. Ruins of Alph. Last Edited: April 29 There are four pieces missing. Each ruin will have their own set of Unown and their own Puzzle in the Back. Was this .Explore the northern basement of Union Cave with Surf for one puzzle and Surf AND Strength for another. Note you must return to these 2 chambers here with a Water Stone and Ho-oh in your team if you want to do all 8 of the Puzzles of Alph (4 Tile Puzzles, 4 Message Puzzles).

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