Which is better GTA 4 or GTA san andreas? I have a few mods for GTA SA too! I think the cars and graphics are definately nicer in GTA4, and the damage .

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Apr 18, 2017 Also, there's a mod for GTA IV by Killatomate, Real Driving and Flying, it comes with an option for 300% damage, so cars get totaled after a big .

Like riggs of rodds or gta iv. and realistic 3d damage. would probably require alot of work, but a mod with rag doll physics on CJ has been made, so why cant the cars be modded like gta iv too Share.

CLEO for GTA San Andreas - Realistic damage with auto-installer free download.

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in addition, there's a hard-coded thing in GTA 4 where the player car is ALWAYS heavier and takes less damage than other cars. It's very stupid and pointless. It's very stupid and pointless. I can fly into a pick up truck with my Sentinel and my Sentinel just slides right underneath.

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This is officially my first mod next to my Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Vehicle pack mod which was a pack of mods,This is just a test i did, i increased deformation.

Advanced Search | Download FAQ. > Downloads » GTA IV » Cars / Vehicles » Realistic car damage Download this mod. Description Vehicles will now .

Mod to increase realism in the physics of the cars in GTA 4. Now the damage is realistic and close to real. For lovers of the machine to be folded in accordion" with a strong collisions.